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HAAS Metallguss GmbH casts aluminium and zinc.  

In the aluminium sector, the company uses three standard alloys: 226, 230, and 231 from the AlSi family. Special alloys are used at the request of customers for prototype projects. HAAS makes partial sizes between six grams and 3.5 kilograms. The company’s machinery consists of eight machines with clamping forces of 200 to 550 metric tons. Customers also benefit from the fact that production runs entirely by way of fully automated casting cells.  

In the zinc sector, HAAS casts the standard Z410 alloy. For certain customers, die-cast parts from three to 400 grams are produced. The company’s four machines have clamping forces of between 20 and 63 metric tons; they are largely fully or partially automated.  

Here you can go to an overview of the alloy specifications.

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