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Environmental and energy policy

Protecting our environment is an integral part of what Haas Metallguss does. That is why we have committed ourselves to implementing and further developing an energy management system and an environmental management system in accordance with international standards.

We continuously evaluate and improve our environmental aspects and energy consumption. Our long-term goal is to continue to reduce our ecological footprint and to achieve real energetic CO2 neutrality. To this end, we consistently invest in the current state of technology while keeping a close eye on the future in order to be able to play a pioneering role in current developments and new opportunities.

When purchasing new systems and devices, we not only evaluate the technical features but also the energy-specific aspects, which can have a significant impact on our energy-related performance. This ensures that our energy consumption falls in the long term, and that our energy efficiency and our energy-related services are increased in a constant improvement process.

We are all collectively committed to protecting and preserving our environment, for ourselves and for the generations that will follow us.

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Environmental management officer

- Dr. Michael Haas -


Energy management officer

- Jürgen Haas -

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